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When your soul incarnates into the physical body, it can carry out very important life tasks, which in turn can be very different – simple and complex, great and everyday.

In order for you to have the strength to do everything, the physical body, like every mechanism, requires care.

The NATURMED team gives you your experience and knowledge to create peace and tranquility in your consciousness, the beauty of the body, strength, and inspiration in your soul.

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A Full Range Of SPA Treatments

Choose from variety of our services – spa massages, cosmetology, diagnostics, healer advice and many others.


Naturmed offers to believe in yourself and enjoy a massage. During massage, the soft effects of soft parts of the body, stretching, scratching, vibration, the use of various oils will be done to have a positive effect on both the body and the soul.

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Spa Rituals

Naturmed wants to offer an exceptional opportunity to improve health, relax and pamper yourself with spa treatments. Each ritual will be reflected not only in your feelings, but also in the beauty of your appearance. SPA-procedure designed specifically for body, skin, face or other problems, as well as to maintain good results.

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Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is formed by observing and studying human responses to certain effects, such as herbal remedies or acupuncture, which have developed over the centuries in different societies up to the modern medical age. Naturmed offers an exceptional opportunity to enjoy traditional medicine procedures and treat illnesses so that you are healthy and invigorating.

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Facial care procedures

The face is the very first thing that we pay attention to when we see a person, so it’s extremely important to take care of and make it look fresh. Facial care procedures will not only restore the skin’s firmness and youth, but will also help eliminate your skin problems and allow you to pamper moments for yourself.

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