This is a unique method that combines the long-standing experience of oriental handicraft practitioners and deep knowledge of modern medicine in human beings. Professor at the International Institute of Rehabilitation in Tokyo Masajuki Sajondji studied this technique in the 50th anniversary of the 20th Century at the Shaolin Monastery. He studied this massage thoroughly, tested it in practice, scientifically explained and is now teaching the students his methodology. The methodology consists of a special technique directed at the vegetative nervous system and the body that strengthens the body. At that time, man’s energy is being absorbed, the “life” forces become more active and the correct distribution of energy rests in the body.

A full session consists of many (one hundred) elements that a specialist performs in a particular order, and it takes 40-60 minutes.

The client burns a lot of calories during the massage, which equates to 1.5 km of racing, but the body is calm, relaxed, respiratory rate is normal, pulse and blood pressure is unchanged.

There are usually 10 sessions per cycle per session. The customer is comfortable and surely wearing socks (it is desirable that the clothes are made of cotton). During a massage, the client lays on the carpet – on the abdomen, back, or stomp.


The effectiveness of this methodology has been clinically tested in Russia at the Military Aviation Hospital in Moscow.